Get your favourite hatchback for the least price!

Bangalore is not only the hub for Information Technology but an ever growing city with a large number of working class people looking for job opportunities.  These people have to travel long distances to reach their places of work.

Maruti Suzuki Swift is the best option

Since majority of the buyers fall in the working class category, they are looking for a mid-range car. Therefore, Swift is the most sought after car as it does not burn a hole in the pocket and suits the budget of a majority of the buyers. The average on road price of a used Maruti Suzuki Swift is 7.33Lakhs which suits a large group of buyers.

Where to get the best price?

From what has been found, the price range varies across the various sellers and dealers. Local dealers quote a higher price as compared to online portals. Price is negotiable if you buy from the previous owner himself. A used Maruti Suzuki swift Dzire price in Bangalore lies anywhere from approximately 5.8 Lakhs to 9 Lakhs depending on the model, variant, other specifications and dealer from whom the car is bought.

Ensuring value for money

While buying a car, the buyer must keep in mind not only a low quoted price but also ensure that he gets the desirable quality of the car. This is where the buyers get segregated. One group opts to buy a used Maruti Suzuki swift from local dealers or original sellers as they can physically see the car and account for its quality themselves. The other group prefers to buy from online portals as these portals provide assurance that the car has undergone the required quality and safety checks. They also provide guarantee thus attracting a major share of the buyers. In addition, buyers can view and check multiple websites and links for more options.