Saving Money Made Easy

When it comes to our personal finances, we tend to be deeply invested, and for good reason. They say that “money makes the world go ‘round,” after all, and there’s a ton of truth to that idiom. Without money, many basic necessities are off limits to you without certain skills life has conveniently neglected to teach most of us in recent generations. It’s certainly possible to survive without money, outside of our capitalist society, but it’s clearly not the preferable option for most, as we have been groomed to desire a certain level of control. This idea is the basis of the social contract, after all, so we have to make do. Therefore, it’s prudent to start finding ways to save your hard earned money so that you never have to be in that desperate position to consider going off the grid to begin with. Here are a few suggestions.

Travel is something we all have some interest in, but it’s often too expensive for many of us and, nonetheless, a big luxury expenditure. However, this isn’t to say that you shouldn’t travel. Far from it. I think, as far as luxuries go, travel is one of the most innately desired by mankind, and for good reason. Therefore, I would propose not abstaining but, rather, trying to save money at every step. When booking a hotel room, try Trivago or another such travel site focused on getting your a better price. Similarly, try booking your flight with CheapOair. As the name implies, this is another discount travel site that can save you big on an otherwise bank breaking trip This way, you can have your cake and eat it, too, in a sense. You can save money and experience the life changing experience that is seeing the world.

Another way to save is in the grocery store, which tends to be the place where we spend the most, and spend the most frequently. One way to save is to avoid pricey convenient food items like processed foods like frozen pizzas and the like. These items save you time and effort in the kitchen, sure, but you’re paying through the nose for that convenience. Instead, buy fresh ingredients and cook your own meals. Not only will you save money, but your body will thank you, too. Another way to save at the grocery store is to simply avoid paying for name brand products. Off brand items are usually just as good as the name brand variety but much cheaper. The trick here is to look down. Big brands get exclusive rights to eye level shelves in grocery store aisles, and elsewhere, so that they are the automatic, go to purchase for the casual shopper. Lastly, simply keep your eyes peeled for sales, coupons, and other limited time, cost cutting offers. These types of offers are employed by retailers frequently to drum up extra business with really no cost to them, since sale prices are closer to what should be charged for a product to begin with.